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The New Album is Out NOW!

The Best at Being You is Matt's third full length album! Today you can stream or download it from the streaming service of your choice! You can also order the CD here! And, check out the awesome music Video for the title song, The Best at Being You here!

The album includes nine brand new songs plus three remastered songs that were recorded for the Family Fun EP that we really thought deserve to be on the album. We hope you and your family enjoy!!

The Songs:

1. I Can Do It

2. The Best at Being You

3. Rock 'n' Roll Chicken (feat. Rick Spinney)

4. Hiccups

5. Frog Driving a Car

6. I Cannot Decide

7. Hold On (feat. Terra Spencer)

8. Summertime Rock

9. Supermuffin (feat. Darrin Harvey)

10. Matt's Aphabet (remastered)

11. Spaceship (remastered)

12. Every First Time (remastered)


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