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Matt McFarlane has been entertaining thousands of kids across the Maritimes as Matt the Music Man with his pirate hat and platypus sidekick since 2013. This fine lad has released three wonderfully fun and engaging children’s albums, earning him a handful of awards including the recent 2023 ECMA for Children's Entertainer of the Year. Now he is embarking on a long overdue endeavour. He has just released his first “adult” single, “This Happiness” and will be releasing his first adult album early next year. The rock album is a selection of songs chosen from a songwriting folder’s he’s been working on for almost 30 years, so It should be safe to assume the 10 chosen songs won’t be terrible! Combine his hard-edged playing style, distinct voice and poetic lyrics and you get a unique and intimate raw-musical experience!



Matt the Music Man Bio

Matt the Music Man (Matthew McFarlane) is a multi-award winning lad with a pirate hat and a platypus for a sidekick! In 2023 he won the ECMA for Children's Entertainer of the Year! Cool beans! If you see him, he’ll have your whole family singing, clapping, laughing and rocking out. It's a party!


Matt also promotes self-confidence for kids. Growing up, Matt was very shy and was bullied at school. He spent much of his time having dreams about becoming a professional musician but his shyness and lack of self-confidence were too overwhelming. Today, Matt draws on these childhood experiences to inspire kids with his message of becoming self-confident through super fun music!


After about 20 years of performing, Matt was inspired to become a children's musician upon the arrival of his first child. He has released three diverse all-original albums titled "The Best at Being You" (2022), "Everyday Superheroes" (2017), and "Songs For Kids Age 1 to 101" (2014) as well as an EP, "Family Fun" (2018). 


Many exciting shows have been performed across the Canadian Maritimes and beyond. Matt plays Guitars, ukulele, harmonica & kazoo, and uses fun props such as costumes and puppets to create a fun, interactive and educational experience. Through music, humour and stories, Matt teaches children about the importance of self-confidence and respect. It all comes together into a highly entertaining educational show for children and families!


Many songs have been hits with children and parents such as “Everyday Superheroes”, “Dinosaur In the Candy Store” and "Pirates from Yarmouth". Matt makes a point to not downplay his music lyrically or musically too much for children because he understands how smart children are and he wants older audiences to be entertained as well. The smiles, laughs and voices singing along (even the parents!) are rewards that drive Matt as he continues his lifelong dream of performing music.


2023 East Coast Music Award WINNER - Children's Entertainer of the Year

2023 Annapolis Valley Community - Silver Winner - Children's Entertainer

2021 Music Nova Scotia Award Nomination - Children's Artist of the Year

2021 East Coast Music Award Nomination - Children's Entertainer of the Year

2019 Music Nova Scotia Award WINNER - Children's Artist of the Year

2018 Music Nova Scotia Award Nomination - Children's Artist of the Year



“The staff and students loved Matt’s performance!  Very fun, engaging and appropriate for our K-1 students The students really enjoyed having the ability to participate!” - Tracy Stewart, Principal Forest Hill Elementary School, Fredericton, NB


"Our students and staff loved Matt's performance! He is an excellent songwriter, and keeps kids engaged with his quality music, sense of humour, and uplifting themes. - Caitlin Quinton, Music Teacher, Coldbrook & District School, NS


"Matt the Music Man was skilled at engaging an audience. His music was fun and relatable for the students at our K-5 school. Our students enjoyed him and his music!"- Angela Trueman, Principal, Arnold H McLeod School, NB


"Matt's concert was very entertaining and engaging! He encouraged audience participation and had most of our students singing along to his original songs. We look forward to having him come back to perform in the future. - Mark Thornton, Principal, Plymouth School, Yarmouth, NS


Matt with Gord Downie and two of his childhood heroes: Raffi & Fred Penner


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