Everyday Superheroes  (2017)

Matt's second children's album, Everyday Superheroes is a collection of all-original songs that are fun, educational and rockin'! The lyrics that Matt carries throughout the album are to promote self-confidence and respect for kids of all ages in an exciting way! 

  1. Everyday Superheroes

  2. Little Canadian Animal

  3. Smiley Face

  4. Bob the Bug

  5. Dinosaur in the Candy Store

  6. Turn that Frown Upside Down

  7. Coffee & Tea

  8. What do You Like?

  9. Shine

  10. Trilogy of Respect: Walk in their Shoes

  11. I'll Still Love You

  12. The Golden Rule

  13. Twinkle Baby

  14. Heidi

  15. Apples

  16. Chickens!

  17. Superhero Reprise


Song Lyrics included in CD booklet.


Songs For Kids Age 1 to 101 (2014)

Matt's children's musical debut. It's a 20-song all-original album full of fun music ranging from folk to rock 'n' roll for the whole family. 

  1. Hotdogs and Cookies

  2. Garbage Day

  3. Fat Cat

  4. Twinkle Twinkle Black Sheep

  5. Pat the Platypus

  6. It's Fun to Read

  7. Let's Go to the Beach!

  8. The Pirates for Yarmouth

  9. Firefly

  10. Canada

  11. Monkeys!

  12. Kyle

  13. Pete Likes to Eat Pizza

  14. Teeny Tiny Turtle

  15. Squirmy Worm

  16. The Solar System

  17. Hockey

  18. I Make Music

  19. Try

  20. Time To Sleep

Song Lyrics included in CD booklet.


Family Fun! Digital EP (2018)

This digital EP is a compilation of 4 new songs and 4 songs from Matt's other albums. The song "Every First Time" is sure to be a favourite of parents, while kids will love the new rocker, "Spaceship" on this well-rounded mini-collection of Matt the Music Man tunes!

  1. Little Canadian Animal

  2. Every First Time (New Song)

  3. Everyday Superheroes

  4. Fat Cat

  5. Spaceship (New Song)

  6. Us (New Song)

  7. Hotdogs and Cookies

  8. Matt's Alphabet (New Song)

Bare Bones (2009)

1. One Lane Highway

2. Nostalgic Time Machine

3. Bittersweet Goodbyes

4. Captain and Crew

5. Vicious Circle

6. Amnesiac

7. What's Left Unsaid

8. Tea With The Devil

9. Hollywooden Face

10. Right Here

11. Glorify

This is a Pre-Matt the Music Man Recording. (Recorded before Matt started writing children's music.) Raw acoustic rock 'n' roll. No bells - No whistles. This is a very personal album that Matt recorded himself. This is his first solo album and it's just what the title implies, "Bare Bones." It's exactly what you would hear if you came to one of his solo shows back then. It rocks! 


Bare Bones 'is a fascinating and unique musical offering'

The Daily Gleaner, Saturday November 21st, 2009

Wilfred Langmaid


"Frederictonian Matt McFarlane had the fire of music light within him in the 1990s. The spark was rock, grunge, and alternative music of that decade. This spark is the antecedent of a very raw, aggressive way of acoustic guitar playing, singing, and song construction.


That fascinating combination - heavy '90s rock at the core of solo acoustic singer/songwriter craft - makes McFarlane's entirely self-written, self-recorded, self-mixed, and self-produced album Bare Bones a fascinating and unique musical offering.


The fusion works for a few reasons. Most importantly, McFarlane is at the core a decent songwriter. The 11 tracks that make up the so-aptly-named Bare Bones are diverse; their power has the dual weaponry of good lyric writing and a furious delivery on vocals and guitar.


The whole thing is a stirring one-person offering of the roots of man's musical soul, delivered by a hitherto-unknown local musician who has the skills to make a unique offering work well."


Fredericton-based freelance writer Wilfred Langmaid has reviewed albums in The Daily Gleaner since 1981, and is a past judge for both the Junos and the East Coast Music Awards. His column appears each Saturday.

The New Therapy (2006)

OUT OF PRINT. This is another Pre-Matt the Music Man Recording. It is the product of Matt's 3-Piece rock band. It is no longer available, but Matt will record some rock like this again someday!

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