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Introducing the Fun with Matt Show! Watch Episode 1!!!

I'm excited to introduce my new show, Fun With Matt! This will be a weekly show that will be posted on Youtube and Facebook. The idea is to create content that will be engaging for children while promoting mental health through fun stories, music and activities.

I grew up watching shows like Mr Dressup, Sesame Street, Fred Penner's Place, Sharon Lois and Brahm's Elephant Show, Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood and The Friendly Giant. My show will simply begin as a self-made small scale online show, however, my goal is to capture some of the spirit of these other shows that we don't seem to see much of anymore.

One of my main challenges is going to be for my show to reach children because I'm assuming your little kids are not running around with their own phones, tablets and laptops looking at Facebook and Youtube on their own! I don't recommend that! But THIS SHOW IS FOR THEM so I'd love it if you'd show it to the kids in your life. Let them watch it when they get their screen time! Ask them what they think!

Watch Now! Episode 1: Pat the Platypus is Unique

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