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EVERYDAY SUPERHEROES! The new album and Video out NOW!

The New Album is finally here! Matt's second album, Everyday Superheroes is a collection of all-original songs that are fun, educational and rockin'! The lyrics that Matt carries throughout the album are to promote self-confidence and respect for kids of all ages in an exciting way! The album features local musicians such as Darrin Harvey, Rick Spinney, Heather Kelday and Peter Mackey and was recorded and produced by Carey Langille. Pick up a copy and we promise you'll be singing along in no time!

Visit the Album section to buy it now!

The Songs:

1. Everyday Superheroes

2. Little Canadian Animal

3. Smiley Face

4. Bob the Bug

5. Dinosaur in the Candy Store

6. Turn That Frown Upside Down

7. Coffee & Tea

8. What Do You Like?

9. Shine

10. Walk In Their Shoes

11. I'll Still Love You

12. The Golden Rule

13. Twinkle Baby

14. Heidi

15. Apples

16. Chickens?

17. Superhero Reprise

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