We are excited to announce a contest! DRAW A SUPERHERO! Matt has a brand new song called "Everyday Superheroes." This song will be on Matt's upcoming second album. The song is about how the world is filled with "Everyday Superheroes" and even YOU can be a superhero too!


1. Contest is open to anyone age 12 and under.

2. Draw a superhero! Make up your own! Think about what your superhero does. What is their name? Do they have special powers or abilities? Be creative! Do your best to come up with something on your own without copying an existing superhero.

3. You may use any art materials you can think of, however, we're not looking for anything done digitally.

4. Send your artwork to Matt! Artwork can be emailed OR sent by regular mail. Make sure you include the artist's NAME, AGE, HOMETOWN and contact info such as an EMAIL address or PHONE NUMBER (so winners may be contacted) with your artwork.

• EMAIL: Photograph your artwork with a handheld device or scan it at a high resolution and email your artwork to: drawasuperhero@gmail.com

- OR -

• SNAIL MAIL: Mail your artwork to:

Matt the Music Man

2744 Poplar Drive

Coldbrook, NS

B4R 1A8

6. Go to Matt's Facebook page (link above) and LIKE his page so you can be notified of the winners!





The winner will get their artwork ON THE COVER of Matt's next album!!! They will also, along with their parents, get to meet Matt for a lunch!


Ten winners will get their Artwork included on Matt's website and inside the CD packaging! Matt will be selecting from a wide range of ages for this.


More submissions will be displayed on Matt's website!


Everyday Superhero

Lyrics by Matt the Music Man

© 2017 Matt McFarlane

His helmet is red, fights fires till they're dead

Her shirt is blue, drives a police car too

His boots are green, runs a garbage machine

Her coat is white, makes sure your health is alright

He's a superhero

An everyday superhero

She's a superhero

An everyday superhero

His hat is yellow, a construction working fellow

Her pants are black, and she sells you a snack

His tie is pink, works at the store I think

Her shoes are brown, and she lives in your town

He's a superhero

An everyday superhero

She's a superhero

An everyday superhero

You don't have to be rich or pretend you're a bat

Real superheroes are nothing like that

Don't need a bite from radioactive spider

Don't need a cape, spaceship or hand glider

Don't have to come from planet Krypton

All you have to do is know right from wrong

Help each other and care for others…

And you can be a superhero too!

You're a superhero

An everyday superhero!

You're a superhero

An everyday superhero!

You're a superhero

An everyday superhero!

And you can be a superhero too!

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