September 13, 2013

No, I was never a real rock star! ...But when I was a teenager, a rock star was all I wanted to be. Eventually I learned to play the electric guitar and learned to write songs. When I hit my 20's I formed a few bands and had a blast. Eventually, reality hit and the and lifestyle that I wanted did not match up with that of a rock star's. When I hit my 30's I turned to the acoustic guitar and went solo. I made a solo acoustic-rock album. A few years later, some the stuff I began writing more and more of wasn't actually "rock" at all. It was more like "folk" I suppose. I guess you could say I matured. ...I'm using that term loosely here!


Now, this evolution has continued and has taken me into new territory. When I was younger, never in a million years I thought I would do this with my music, however, the big news is, I am recording a Children's Album.

It all started when I wrote a song for my new baby boy. I played it for some other children who thought it was hilarious, which made me want to write more songs and play for more children, so I did. ...A few months and 20 songs later I am gung-ho to make a record and do shows for kids. Like they say, kids DO change you.

So, scratch that idea for my new "adult" album for now. Some day I will make the rock album of my teenhood dreams but I'm doing this one first, for the kids, and it's going to be a lot of fun. Actually I don't think I've ever had so much fun songwriting.

I will begin recording soon. Stay tuned!



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