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Matt's children's musical debut! It's a 20-song all-original album full of fun music ranging from folk to rock 'n' roll for the whole family. The album was recorded over two long years and includes special guests Heather Kelday, Andy Flynn, Ariana Nasr and Jim Tranquilla of iTromboni. Super fun!

1. Hotdogs and Cookies
2. Garbage Day
3. Fat Cat
4. Twinkle Twinkle Black Sheep
5. Pat the Platypus
6. It's Fun to Read
7. Let's Go to the Beach!
8. The Pirates for Yarmouth
9. Firefly
10. Canada
11. Monkeys!
12. Kyle
13. Pete Likes to Eat Pizza

14. Teeny Tiny Turtle
15. Squirmy Worm
16. The Solar System
17. Hockey
18. I Make Music
19. Try
20. Time To Sleep

Song Lyrics included in CD booklet.

Songs For Kids Age 1 to 101 CD

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