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​Matt's second children's album, Everyday Superheroes is a collection of all-original songs that are fun, educational and rockin'! The lyrics throughout the album promote self-confidence and respect for kids of all ages in an exciting way! ​The album includes special guests Rick Spinney from the Spinney Brothers, Heather Kelday and Darrin Harvey. It's a party!

1. Everyday Superheroes
2. Little Canadian Animal

3. Smiley Face
4. Bob the Bug
5. Dinosaur in the Candy Store
6. Turn that Frown Upside Down
7. Coffee & Tea
8. What do You Like?
9. Shine
10. Walk in their Shoes
11. I'll Still Love You
12. The Golden Rule
13. Twinkle Baby
14. Heidi
15. Apples
16. Chickens!
17. Superhero Reprise

Song Lyrics included in CD booklet.

Everyday Superheroes CD

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