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The Best at Being You (2022)

1. I Can Do it

Family Fun (2018)

1. Little Canadian Animal

2. Every First Time

3. Everyday Superheroes

4. Fat Cat

5. Spaceship

6. Us

7. Hotdogs and Cookies

8. Matt's Alphabet

Everyday Superheroes (2017)

1. Everyday Superheroes

2. Little Canadian Animal

3. Turn That Frown Upside Down

4. Smiley Face

5. Dinosaur In the Candy Store

6. Shine • 

7. Bob the Bug

8. Coffee & Tea • 

9. What do You Like?

10. Apples

11. Chickens? • 

12. Twinkle Baby • 

13. Heidi

14. Walk in Their Shoes

15. I'll Still Love You

16. The Golden Rule

17. Superhero Reprise



Songs For Kids Age 1 to 101 (2014)

1. Hotdogs and Cookies

2. Garbage Day

3. Fat Cat

4. Twinkle Twinkle Black Sheep

5. It's Fun To Read

6. Pat The Platypus

7. Firefly

8. Let's Go to the Beach

9. The Pirates From Yarmouth

10. Monkeys

11. Canada

12. Kyle

13. Teeny Tiny Turtle

14. Pete Likes to Eat Pizza

15. Squirmy Worm

16. The Solar System

17. Hockey

18. I Make Music

19. Try

20. Time To Sleep



Bob the Bug



Coffee & Tea

Dinosaur In the Candy Store

Everyday Superheroes

Fat Cat


Garbage Day



Hotdogs and Cookies

I Make Music

I'll Still Love You

It's Fun To Read


Let's Go to the Beach

Little Canadian Animal


Pat The Platypus

Pete Likes to Eat Pizza


Smiley Face

Squirmy Worm

Superhero Reprise

Teeny Tiny Turtle

The Golden Rule

The Pirates From Yarmouth

The Solar System

Time To Sleep


Turn That Frown Upside Down

Twinkle Baby

Twinkle Twinkle Black Sheep

Walk in Their Shoes

What do You Like?

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